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MoGi Group strives to provide the best gaming services in the industry.

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MoGi Group strives to provide the best gaming services in the industry. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and dedication in providing a comprehensive range of services to take thorough care of your game from conception to release, and beyond.

Our native-speaking translators, testers, security professionals, player support team members, voice-over artists, and community managers are experts in perfectly tailoring your multilingual content and player support system to your unique audience, making sure your players love your games as much as you do and always come back for more.

We achieve this by constantly staying at the forefront of technology, immersing ourselves fully in global gaming culture and trends, and recruiting the most qualified, dynamic talent in the industry – whether through our policy of recruiting only native-speaking translators or our instinct for aligning ourselves with the most passionate gaming professionals out there.

We offer a suite of fully flexible gaming services, informed by our many years of experience in the gaming industry and forged by our unbridled passion for all things gaming. At MoGi Group, we believe in offering more than simply a service, we form lasting partnerships. We live and breathe gaming culture and go the extra mile in getting to know your games intimately and tailoring our processes to each new title we work on. No project too big, no project too small, no deadline too tight. We’re proud to have formed partnerships with some of the most exciting names in the industry, from major international titles to up-and-coming indie projects.


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First and foremost, we are industry experts in the field of bespoke video games services. With offices all over the world, we’ve positioned ourselves perfectly to develop an in-depth understanding of every facet of gaming culture. However, we’re also avid, passionate gamers. Our love for the gaming industry fuels everything we do and gives us the crucial knowledge of just how to bring your games to wider audiences worldwide.

We’re MoGi Group, and we’re here to help bring your games to the world…

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