MoGi Group Announces Intelligent Project Management Tool

Over a decade of video game service excellence is being channelled into an intelligent project management tool set to mobilize MoGi Group’s wealth of experience and streamline communication, processes, and workflows in global localization projects.

MoGi Group’s latest venture in offering innovative new technological solutions for the video game services industry sets out to reshape the way developers and service providers interact and collaborate throughout the entire localization lifecycle. Through the development and implementation of an intelligent project management tool, MoGi Group –  already offering localization services in over 44 global languages –  aims to revolutionize the current standard of localization services technology. Designed by video game localization experts, for video game localization experts, the tool boasts a unique design philosophy distilled from years of experience helming localization projects. The new tool will manage the entire lifecycle of a project, automating time-consuming management processes while streamlining and improving internal practices to ensure better external practices.

As well as overhauling existing project management workflows, the software will also provide MoGi Group’s partners a secure environment to upload files and other assets for ease of access and sharing between teams. It will marry industry-leading tool capabilities with MoGi Group’s proprietary quality assurance systems, allowing direct integration with game engines for instantaneous implementation of new content directly into the games themselves. As with all of Mogi Group’s services, the software is applicable to projects irrespective of size and scale. MoGi Group will draw on experience accumulated over its award-winning tenure at the cutting edge of video game services to identify and eliminate the shortcomings which plague the current generation of localization project management software.

We are delighted to announce the development of this next-generation localization project management technology,” Orad Elkayam, MoGi Group founder and CEO, said. “We’ve operated at the forefront of the localization sector long enough to have an innate feel for the industry and the limitations of existing project management software. There’s nobody better equipped to improve upon the localization industry’s tools of the trade than those who already work with them day in, day out. This not only puts MoGi Group at the absolute cutting edge of localization services currently on the market, it allows us to even further tailor our technological solutions to meet and exceed our partners’ distinct requirements. This will truly elevate the level of service developers and publishers should expect from a localization specialist.

MoGi Group has been a trailblazer in the video game services industry since 2007, offering localization services to over 650 clients around the world, bolstered by more than 150 native speaking translators processing 69 million words each year. Bringing its deep well of experience and sterling record of client satisfaction to bear, it now seeks to craft a tool that will apply the expertise gleaned over the course of its operating history to the benefit of its clients and to provide the best localization service on the planet.

To find out how a dedicated localization service can ensure your game is ready for release no matter where the target market, while maintaining only the highest standard of professional translation and content fidelity, contact us today!
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