MoGi Group Announces New Initiative for Indie Developers

MoGi Group is delighted to announce a brand new initiative for indie developers in the gaming industry.

The award-winning gaming services company will provide localization to smaller companies releasing their first or second titles to the market at a special discounted rate. The initiative is motivated by a desire to have a positive impact on the gaming industry, as Orad Elkayam, CEO, explains:

“We’ve been thinking about ways we can support the industry to continue to grow for some time. We are all passionate gamers who love what we do and the field we work in and, for me, the innovation and growth of small companies is one of the best things about gaming. This initiative allows us to give back to the industry that has done so much for us – both professionally and personally –  in our own way. Indie developers are always fighting against the tide in terms of budget, this scheme means they won’t need to compromise on the quality of their game localization. We can offer years of experience and linguistic skill at a price that enables developers to focus on making the best game possible.”

MoGi Group works with some of the biggest studios and titles in the gaming industry and were nominated finalists for both the Develop and TIGA Awards ceremonies this year.

“We want new companies on the scene to be able to benefit from the expertise and consultancy we are able to provide and package deals that go beyond localization are also available,” said Mr. Elkayam. “However, we also want to make clear that this a no-strings-attached offer. We aren’t interested in revenue shares or anything of that nature. This is strictly about helping amazing new games reach as big an audience as possible.”

MoGi Group has already provided localization to a number of Indie developers through the initiative.

“We are extremely proud of what we have been able to do so far,” said Mr. Elkayam. “Supporting new, innovative and exciting games is one of our core values and we can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Companies interested in the initiative are invited to contact MoGi Business Development Executive Michael Ramos at For more information about the comprehensive range of gaming services offered by MoGi Group, visit our website.
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