MoGi Group Developing Contextual Localization Software

Innovating video game services provider MoGi Group becomes the first company in its field to introduce contextual localization, a new text-to-image linking system for total translation accuracy in all languages.

Context is king for the localization industry. Nuances in meaning, usage and syntax fluctuate dramatically across borders and regions. This often means that no two translators in different parts of the world will necessarily interpret the same string in the same exact way. Differences in interpretation can sometimes lead to inaccuracies or inconsistencies in content or costly delays in the localization process. In worst-case scenarios, they may even cause major certification-threatening errors. Ensuring that end-users enjoy a uniform experience that takes into consideration local cultural sensitivities while maintaining the fidelity of the developer’s original message is central to world-class localization solutions.

A revolutionary breakthrough in video game localization quality assurance software developed and piloted by MoGi Group seeks to outflank and eliminate issues surrounding context in translation entirely. The new software looks to automatically map text strings to their accompanying in-game frames and images to offer localization experts a more holistic understanding of the context and meaning of each phrase. This innovative approach is the first of its kind for the video game industry. By sifting through the game’s code to identify and display images corresponding to each individual in-game text string, this ground-breaking new software will look to massively boost localization accuracy and eliminate contextual shortcomings completely.

Developed by MoGi Group’s native cybersecurity experts, the plug-and-play software is built with only the highest standards of security in mind, ensuring that developers’ valuable IP and source code is kept safe and secure. The software works across all platforms, including mobile games, deployable to any video game localization project regardless of scale or language combination, and is easily integrated with the most popular game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

This bold new step in localization represents a technological leap that is being spearheaded and driven entirely by MoGi Group and its plethora of expert in-house tech specialists. Contextual localization is a concept unattempted until now in the video games translation industry and demonstrates the pioneering and trailblazing ethos that has made the award-winning video game services company an industry leader in innovative and creative localization solutions for over a decade. MoGi Group’s efforts aim to transform the field of localization and underscore its position at the head of an ever-expanding industry.

If your business is ready to revolutionize its localization processes and join the cutting edge of localization technology solutions, get in touch with our tech experts today for your free quote or to find out what MoGi Group can do to help bring your game to larger markets worldwide!
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